Ogloba’s solution trusted to meet Carrefour’s local market needs

Carrefour is using the Ogloba Giftcard platform in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar and Georgia, to issue and redeem a wide variety of gift cards targeted at the needs of the local markets. Ogloba is integrated in the central IBM cash register network of Carrefour and manages the multi-currency…


Ogloba facilitates record gift card sales for Carrefour Indonesia

Transretail which fully owns Carrefour Indonesia, reached record sales of their B2C and B2B gift cards on the Ogloba Giftcard Platform in 2012. Ramadan and end of the year promotions were the driving force behind the success. Transretail is the leading retailer in Indonesia. Its operation extends to around 30 cities, with more than 80…