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Streamlined Platform

While Ogloba provide comprehensive solutions, it is understood that the e-commerce and aggregation channels may be serviced in certain circumstances outside of Ogloba’s platform, via Blackhawk or InComm for example. Ogloba will work in coordination with clients to accommodate any future channels required, by using our APIs and integration tools. These products can be provided to partners or clients of Ogloba with a full description of the APIs and their use. Our APIs can be easily used by most devices or systems to enable a given channel to perform rapid transaction processing.

The API client allows devices or hosts to connect to an Ogloba source node and transmit and receive messages to and from an Ogloba source node. The Ogloba source node is responsible for interpreting the request messages and processing them as configured – including seeking authorization from a third party network.

In a reverse case, which is common in the US, Ogloba will simply connect the API provided by the third party aggregator. Ogloba has experienced such interfaces with large aggregators like Blackhawk Network, meaning our platform will seamlesly integrate with the systems our clients already have in place.