Single-use Cards

Sometimes, brands who operate out of small concessions in department stores (such as our client Avène cosmetics), find the practicalities of redeeming of their cards difficult. The concessions often have no checkout, only offline inventory devices operated by merchandisers. Often no integration with a cash register is possible, preventing B2B and B2C gift cards from being redeemed. In this environment gift cards are considered to be equivalent to bank notes and as a defined face value fiduciary means. The cards are one-time use only and cannot be reloaded. They are secured with holograms and sold to corporate clients by the Avène B2B sales force, or groups of employees visited by independent sales organizations. The department store accepts the Avène cards like any purchase voucher and remit the cards to Avène in bulk, every day, to receive the counter money value. At the same time, the redemption is recorded in the concession inventory device and reconciliation is performed every night.

Overcome Bandwidth Problems

In many developing countries, such as India, Ogloba has experienced bandwidth issues in some locations. The checkouts often operate offline and no connection to the server can be established. Ogloba has developed a semi-online system. Basic chipcards are issued to enable to cash register to store the new balance and the last 5 transactions in the card. At the same time, transactions are queued in the cash registers until the server can be reached. A reconciliation file is sent overnight from every cash register to the Ogloba server. The system is secure and no fraud has been reported.