Is Cash Dying?

The payments sector is rapidly evolving, leading many to question whether cash is dying as a payment means. Our latest article discusses how true this is. Read the full text here: here


Why Retain the Human Interaction in Retail?

While technology can enhance the shopping experience, traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers need to work harder to retain what differentiates them from online competitors – human interaction.

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The Uberization of Retail

Disruptive business models like those used by Uber and AirBnB have allowed them to become major players in recent years. This intermediation facilitates doing business with people, rather than established players. While great news for companies utilizing these new business models, for traditional retailers who rely on physical stores this movement towards “Uberization” can lead…


Affinity Programs and Education

The education sector has become highly competitive, results-driven business. This makes strong engagement from all stakeholders a critical issue in modern education.

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Using Retailer Card Programs to Leverage “Big Data”

Retailers have been collecting data about their customers for years but can struggle to make it useful. While there are many approaches to acquiring, processing, and using data to benefit retailers, card programs are one of the most cost-effective.

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Advantages of Gift Cards in a Difficult Retail Environment

It is no secret that the retail environment is getting tougher, particularly for traditional retailers with a large bricks-and-mortar presence. There are a number of strategies that traditional retailers can, and have used, in an attempt to become more competitive. One strategy that is often forgotten however, is gift card programs. While not a panacea…