Companies and affinity groups are always looking for ways to retain members by offering rewards, bonuses and discounts, but this is a very complex, time-consuming, and expensive undertaking that such organizations. Ogloba has designed a solution that enables our partners to manage these programs for companies or affinity groups. In concrete terms, the Ogloba platform enables these partners (aggregators) to manage a benefit portal, customized for each of their clients. In this context, the clients are defined as “sponsors”, who may be employers, or brands.

Every version of this platform is reserved for sponsor’s members only. These members may be clients, such as when an insurance company wants to offer the program to their customers, or employees, when it is offered by an employer. These members are able to buy and reload shopping cards from selected 1st tier retailers; cards branded with different retailer’s logos. As soon as a shopping card is loaded, the member automatically earns a reward. The cards are curated on a mobile phone App which allows members to choose, reload, and redeem their cards.


Aggregators enter into B2B contracts to buy shopping cards from carefully selected partner retailers. They can then offer the savings afforded by bulk buying, to their clients – affinity program sponsors.


The greatest benefit for the sponsor is that a way to offer meaningful rewards and bonuses to clients or employees is opened up. Client loyalty is encouraged and employee retention improved, as both groups of members feel valued. Members recognize that they belong to an exclusive club, and this fosters, and reinforces, a positive relationship between them, and the program sponsor. There is also the possibility for the direct communication with program members, further strengthening the relationship.

As the solution can be individually customized, sponsors can choose which retail partners to use, and the bonuses and rewards can be multi-tiered; the sponsor may decide to offer rewards recognizing the amount of time a customer has been with them, while an employer may offer rewards for length of service milestones with rewards increasing over time.


Members of the affinity program are seeking substantial and immediate rewards, in recognition of their loyalty or hard work, because it makes them feel appreciated. Shopping cards provide this, and monthly updates show the true value of the bonuses. In addition, the wide choice of retailers means members can always find one of their favorite brands, and avail themselves of discounts, bonus spending-power, and exclusive offers, making the program highly valued and generating a positive, lasting relationship between member and sponsor, and member and partner retailer.

Partner retailer

Being involved in affinity programs means retail partners, the program’s content providers, have access to large numbers of new, and potentially loyal customers. By offering bonus rewards and exclusive discounts members are more likely to shop with that retailer, and retailers can target relevant promotions towards specific members, to encourage further purchases.