Bespoke Cards

The Ogloba platform enables clients to sell B2C and B2B cards from a web portal. Gift cards are often seen as impersonal, even when they are sincerely intended to signify gratitude, are offered by way of an apology, or are to motivate the recipients. This can be overcome by the use of an individualized card. Ogloba allows our clients’ customers to design their own cards. Ogloba has noticed the growing trend of personalization of gift cards, and now that digital gift cards are being distributed via email and social media, it is imperative that the supporting platform allow for personalization through the creation and sending of pictures, icons, graphics, sound bytes, and video. This is especially true if you consider the growing importance of email and mobile devices as means of communication.

Giving customers the ability to design their own cards creates an instantly personalized product; one that has meaning, and that the recipient will want to keep using again and again. Using an online interface, consumers and business-to-business customers will be able to edit basic templates, add text and upload their own images for the card.

While the advantages of customization are clear for personal, one-to-one gifting through the B2C channel, digital and mobile gifting will initially be driven by B2B. B2B is a natural starting point because of the volumes experienced by this channel and the online interaction already taking place. Companies can distribute incentives quickly and cost-effectively. There is no need for a large-scale IT upgrade because the digital gifting is already utilizing an existing platform. In addition, the recipient can use the incentive immediately. This is especially true in the case of internal corporations. There will be no more costs and delays associated with manufacturing, storing, and shipping incentive coupons. Finally, employees of large retailers tend to be young and already technology-aware with regards to smartphones, social networks, and digital media. It is logical that B2B providers follow the natural demographic trend with regards to their employee base. Paper voucher schemes that have not already been converted to plastic cards are likely make the jump straight into digital gifting.

In some cases, such as in Carrefour China for instance, part of an employee’s salary is paid through gift cards. It is easy to understand how replacing a paper or plastic gift card with a virtual gift card makes sense. As consumers rely on their smartphones not only for entertainment and socializing, but also for essential activities such as banking and shopping, retailers will be the first to tap into mobile gift cards for B2B purposes.

Utilizing Digital Technology

Up until now, digital gifting has taken place primarily through emailing, but with the growing number of smartphone owners and social networks, digital gifting is undoubtedly going mobile. For now, mGifting for B2C will be led by promotional tie-ins built around the traditional gift-giving occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, and so on. B2B mobile gifting will initially experience greater growth because it will replace an existing activity that has the volume and scale to support a migration from paper/plastic to digital. An example scenario might be where virtual (mobile) cards are sent to the B2B program beneficiaries during the Christmas and New Year holiday period; a corporation might send gift cards that contain a video or audio message of the CEO wishing them season’s greetings, to its employees.

The use of mobile gift cards in B2B represents a growing opportunity for retailers. This is especially true when it applies to employee incentive programs, but it is not limited to these. The advent of mobile digital gift cards in the B2B channel will also be witnessed in such diverse sectors as: payroll, transportation, pension payments, meal tickets, and content acquisition for companies providing their employees with mobile devices to perform their jobs.

Gifting has moved from paper vouchers to plastic to eGift cards. Ogloba makes sure that our clients will benefit from the new features that are revolutionizing the gifting industry.