On time card distribution

B2B corporate clients usually buy plastic gift cards in advance and offer them to their clients or members as an incentive or reward. Logistics at the end of the year is complicated and time-consuming, and some cards reach their intended beneficiaries late. Last minute orders are often lost in the rush, or are neglected. Ogloba offers a unique way to virtualize B2B gift card programs and mitigate the risks inherent in physical gift card programs during peak times of activity in the gift card industry, as well as offering a number of other benefits.

How it works

To take advantage of this innovative solution, B2B clients simply transfer a budgeted amount to the issuing retail brand, who then configure a batch of virtual gift cards ready for distribution digitally. There is no need to print the cards, and no need to send them physically. The Ogloba platform provides web access, or integrates with the B2B client’s Intranet where, the user will connect with a login and password. The login would be the card recipient’s name, and the password can be their social security number or any easily collectible credential the B2B client can send to Ogloba in a file. If mobile phone numbers are available, Ogloba will send an SMS to the beneficiaries, and ask them to install the mobile gift card app. Once the app. has been installed, the card will automatically pop up, ready for use.

Additional features

The Ogloba platform issues a specific product for each digital B2B program. The back end office manages user credentials and menu configuration. A batch download function allows the B2B client to load a list of beneficiaries and their credentials; digital cards are sent to this list.

The digital card can be personalized with media content such as photos, audio, and video attachments. For B2B, the digital card is usually enriched with content like a company video or a message from the CEO. The layout of the digital card can also easily be co-branded. Bundle offers are also possible, comprising gift cards from multiple retailers.

The digital card will be unique and transferable in a digital format to family and friends.

If the beneficiary wants to add extra money to the card before going shopping, a promotional message will appear and offer them a discount. The added amount will be paid for by debit or credit card. Coupons can be added, printed or loaded on the mobile app. The barcode is printed, or displayed in the mobile app for easy redemption at the check-out, or online.