Tailor-made Solutions

Ogloba’s Realtime System supports transaction processing for a range of major closed loop schemes. This provides merchants with flexibility in the type of B2C gift card schemes they can create and manage, meaning they can tailor their offering in a way that maximizes returns. Ogloba can facilitate:

  • Open value and reloadable gift cards: amount programmed and retains value spent.
  • Single use gift cards: amount programmed not to retain a balance.
  • Gift card with purchase: pre-loaded value card given upon purchase for next future purchase.
  • Promotional product cards: programmed to track a promotion, purchase a certain amount or during a specific time period, or allow customers to receive free or discounted products or services.
  • Mall or town cards: cooperative program where the gift card has value at other locations, for related products or services.
  • Profit centers solutions: inner-location settlement allows gift cards to be used across multiple independent locations or profit centers (multi-brands) with automated end-of-the-day settlement between locations or profit centers.
  • Merchandise-credit gift cards: when customers return merchandise, load gift cards for credit amount to be used in-store or online.
  • Self-use cards with auto-replenished plans, couponing and loyalty schemes.
  • Cash back cards: cards used in the scope of an agreement between a credit card company or bank, and a retailer, for instant cash back at the till.
  • Loyalty cards associated with all type of solution based or external loyalty rewards such as open redemption and point accumulation plans.
  • Bonus value cards: programmed to offer more value at redemption than actual purchased amount.
  • Cross-border cards: used by customers to transfer money to friends and family without the burden of fees which are normally associated with this kind of operation.