Ogloba recognize that for retailers, gifting is an important revenue stream, and that gift cards are both a payment method and an integral part of loyalty programs. We offer all the support we can to ensure our clients make the most of these opportunities. However, we also believe that in order for retailers to build strong and meaningful relationships with their customers, they need to embrace the emotional nature of gifting that motivates customers to buy gifts in the first place. For customers, giving a gift is always an act motivated by emotion. It is also fun, and it is about sharing happiness. Ultimately, it means becoming part of someone’s life and creating an emotional bond with them. Retailers who can disseminate this spirit of sharing and joy are more likely to create an affective relationship with their customers, and therefore instill more loyalty.

Millions of people use mobile technologies and social media to manage and share their lives including, to an increasing degree, interacting with the brands they love, and buying virtual gifts for the people important to them. Retailers need mechanisms and systems through which they can not only make these interactions engaging, but also communicate with customers in a focused and personal way, on the wide range of platforms people use every day. Ogloba have the expertize and experience to help retailers tailor and streamline their client interactions in order to create meaningful relationships, and foster customer loyalty.