Customizable Cards

Gift cards have matured to the point that an appealing design is key to increasing customer awareness and sales. In most gift card malls, there is such an abundance of different gift cards that a good design is key to grabbing the attention of consumers. A potential purchaser of a gift card only has a few minutes to browse all the available cards, and for this reason a gift card must have an appealing and eye-catching design in order to stand out. In this competitive landscape, custom designed-cards are becoming more popular.

Ogloba offers a unique gift card design service that includes the custom merchandising of any custom-branded material that you use to advertise, support and market your cards and programs, as well as custom made web pages and mobile apps. With regards to card format and materials, Ogloba supports all of the traditional gift card types:

  • Laminated plastic cards (barcode or magnetic stripe)
  • Smart cards (memory chips)
  • Contactless smart cards (RFID, NFC)
  • Eco-friendly cards (bio-degradable)
  • Cards with key tags
  • Transparent or frosted cards
  • Scratch cards
  • Hologram cards
  • Custom-shaped cards

The Trend of Personalization

In addition, Ogloba allows customers to design their own card. Retailers have noticed the growing trend for the personalization of gift cards, and now that digital gift cards are being distributed via social media, it is imperative that the supporting platform allows for personalization through the creation and sending of pictures, icons, graphics, and video. This is especially true if you consider the growing importance of emoji as a form of communication. The emotion and feeling behind a gift must have a corresponding image that will tell the recipient right away that this is a cool gift.

Finally, Ogloba will help a retailer design its own application for mobile devices. The “look and feel” of a retailer’s app has to be in alignment with its corporate identity and trademark, but at the same time the app has to be relevant to younger consumers. This is where Ogloba can help bridge the gap between the traditional corporate identity and the appeal it needs to cater to younger consumers.