Data Center Structure

Ogloba’s data centers are supported by two main teams, whose responsibilities are to ensure the ongoing, high-quality performance and development of Ogloba’s transaction processing platforms. These teams are “Production Operations” and “Telecommunications and Network Services”.

Production Operations

The Production Operations department operates Ogloba’s switch. They support, monitor and troubleshoot (24/7) the production environment, telecommunication lines, key network devices, gateways to international card organizations, client connections, etc. The Production Operations consists of the following sub-teams:

1. Service Management and Support.

The Service Management and Support team is the first level support to Ogloba’s Local Country Operations and Customer Services in case of operational incidents and inquiries.

2. Application Management.

The Application Management team is responsible for the continuous operation of core applications, as well as operational applications complementing the core system, and for providing services to other Ogloba entities (e.g. Local Country Operations).

3. Monitoring Center.

The Monitoring Center is the team that monitors the production environment and all its components (24/7).

4. Internal Project Management.

The Internal Project Management team coordinates internal projects within the Operations Centre (OC).

5. Switch Architecture Management.

The Switch Architecture Management team comprises technical experts who work on the continuous improvement of the Ogloba European switch and its compliance with international card regulations and industry standards.

6. System Management.

The System Management department receives telecommunications and network-type technical support from the Telecommunication and Network Services Department.

Telecommunications and Network Services

The Telecommunication and Network Services department provides the technological support for, and operation of, Ogloba’s switch. They operate, monitor and troubleshoot (24/7) the telecommunication lines, key network devices, gateways and connections.

The Telecommunication and Network Services department of the OC itself consists of the following teams:

1. Telecommunication Services.

The Telecommunication Services team comprises specialists who configure, monitor and troubleshoot telecommunications in Ogloba environments worldwide.

2. Network Services.

The Network Services team provides server and PC level support to internal and, in some cases, external clients.

3. Switch Administration.

The Switch Administration team is responsible for the system administration, configuration, and maintenance of Ogloba’s European switch.

4. Internal Coordination.

The Internal Coordination handles internal technical projects and initiatives within OC and Carriers departments.

At Ogloba, we strive to ensure there are no problems with our solutions but if they do occur, we offer all the support you need 24/7.