Solutions for Mass-Transit

The Dubai Metro opened in September 2009, and is the longest automated Metro system in the world. In partnership with the Government of Dubai, Ogloba has interfaced the Nol smart card payment platform used by the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), regulators of transportation and operators of public transport ticketing. Nol cards can be used on Dubai’s Metro, buses, water-buses and to pay for RTA parking, affording passengers hassle-free journeys across the city’s entire public transport network. The integrated platform allows for a range of four different cards (Silver, Gold, and Blue cards, and red paper tickets which do not have an ePurse facility), to function using the same system. In addition, special designs are available depicting scenes of Dubai City, allowing travellers to personalize their card.

The solution interacts with NFC contactless ePurse cards, so individuals and companies can add credit through their online accounts. They can also view their entire transaction history online. This fast, reliable and secure payment solution also includes white lists, black lists, activation and reload of periodical and multi-zone transportation and congestion passes, as well as offering an offline micro-payment function.