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What is a giftcard combo pack?

Bundle offers are more and more common in the gift card industry. Businesses that offer goods and services that complement each other can benefit greatly from partnering-up to offer bundled or combo gift cards. For example, a movie theater may partner with a food court or individual restaurant chain to offer a “perfect night out” gift card combo pack. The pack would contain a gift card that enables the holder to see a movie, and another that allowed them to enjoy a meal before or after the screening. People will often go to a movie and go for a meal during a night out, but the combo means they can be encouraged to frequent a particular place to eat. In another scenario, a hotel might partner with a spa to offer a “relaxing weekend” bundle, whereby hotel guests are encouraged to use a particular spa during their stay.

The aim is to create enjoyable “experiences” that customers will find desirable, and will wish to experience again. In both cases, gift cards integrated into a loyalty program, encourage card holders to add more value to their cards and become repeat customers.

The Ogloba Solution

The Ogloba solution enables a number of gift card combinations to meet the needs of our clients. The solution allows clients to:

  • Bundle multiple cards of the same type in a combo pack.
  • Bundle multiple cards of different type in the same combo pack, with all cards being issued by the Ogloba platform.
  • Bundle a card issued by the Ogloba platform with third party cards issued by third party processors.

Our platform therefore, opens up even more opportunities for clients to partner with whoever they wish, not only organizations with whom they already share a card processor.

How it works

All the cards of a combo pack are activated at the same time, and the activation request on any card in the combo triggers the activation of all cards. However, the cards are redeemed independently. In our movie/restaurant example above, the card holder would activate and redeem the movie gift card at the theater. This would simultaneously activate the restaurant card but it is not necessary for the customer to use both cards on the same night. Like a normal gift card, once activated, they can be redeemed at the customer’s convenience.

For cards processed by third party, Ogloba has developed a seamless technology. A batch with the serial numbers of cards to be bundled, is imported into the Ogloba platform. Each card is associated with the cards in each combo pack. The combo pack can either be activated in a merchant location connected to the Ogloba system, or to a location managed by the third party processor. In either case, the activation request will be channeled to the Ogloba platform, together with one of the serial numbers present in the combo pack. The Ogloba platform will make sure that activation requests are sent, host-to-host, to the third party processors.