Help If You Need It

The Back Office hotline module allows our out-sourced customer service representatives to query a card status or transaction, and replace, refund or reload a card, according to the terms defined by our client. A control function allows the work of the hotline to be supervised.

The Helpdesk can be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for Level 2 to 4 queries, and to help in relation to the technical operation of the service and support retail outlet queries. An IVR enables consumers to receive basic customer assistance (balance check, last transactions, etc). The human resolution of consumer queries is not included within the standard help services but, should our clients require this service, we would be delighted to accomodate their needs whenever possible.

This browser-based service also provides a portal for the cardholder to access an account on-line. Customers can also use this facility to register their cards. This enables clients to capture customer data, while also allowing self-servicing solutions for the customer. Services include consumer login (4-digit password), registration and update of contact details, the display of transaction history and balance information. The consumer can also ask for card exchange, and offers the potential to allow customer communications via e-mail.