Meeting Customer Needs

As consumer behavior changes, it is vital for retailers to evolve. It is Ogloba’s mission to facilitate this through the development of innovative retail solutions. Our ROPO solution is intended to overcome some of the limitations of bricks-and-mortar retail, such as limited space for holding stock, while enhancing the in-store shopping experience that already allows customers to see and touch products before they make a purchase. At its core, it enables appliance sales digitization. The system offers in-store touchscreen kiosks that act as an unattended eCommerce platform. The kiosks offer a fully browsable catalog of the retailer’s product range, as well as providing detailed specifications, stock availability, promotions and special offers, warranty options, and the ability to place an order and arrange delivery or pick-up.

The system appeals to shoppers who prefer to shop in-store, but also appeals to shoppers who like the choice and ease of research afforded by online shopping. The kiosks enhance the experience for in-store shoppers who engage in ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) behavior, as it allows research to be done easily from within the store they can also buy the item from. The client can find all the information they need and therefore, do not need to go elsewhere. Encouraging consumers to stay in-store for longer also increases the chance that they will make a purchase. Ogloba’s system also helps combat showrooming, as the customers can see and feel the products, be offered deals and promotions, and then order the product, all from the kiosk platform. At the same time, there is support and guidance available from the sales representatives.

Ogloba’s innovations are always designed with flexibility in mind to ensure that our clients can receive the solution that truly fits their needs. The ROPO solution can be integration into a retailer’s existing IT systems, and is scalable to suit any size organization. The ROPO system is also available as a portable tablet device to either augment the kiosks, or for organizations who do not wish to install kiosks. Tablets offer the same features but being portable, can be used by sales representatives to support and guide clients through the buying process. They also support sales staff by giving them instant access to up-to-date product information. Also, the system projects a positive, modern image for the retailer, helping them appeal to a broader range of consumers.