Electronic money transfer

As the volume of electronic money transfers grows, the industry faces increased challenges in terms of compliance and fraud. While customers understand that anti-fraud measures must be in place, they do not want to held up at the point-of-sale by long and complicated authorization procedures. Businesses offering money transfer services often have difficulty finding solutions that effectively cater for the needs of both merchants and customers.

The Ogloba solution

Ogloba makes it easy for businesses offering money transfer services to meet compliance regulations and eliminate fraud, as well as make the whole experience easier for their customers, because we have developed, in-house, an innovative, efficient and cost-effective solution. The solution is web-based and only requires integration with the money transfer company, meaning there is no IT development work needed at the merchant’s point-of-sale, and time to operation is minimal.

The platform has multi-layer fraud mitigation features. An intuitive front-end user interface makes gathering and cross-checking KYC (Know Your Customer) data simple and facilitates hassle-free transactions for customers, while the Back Office allows compliancy and anti-fraud measures to be implemented. The Back Office also provides access to transaction reports, making managing the system easy.

Ogloba continues to develop innovative technologies that meet the compliance requirements of money transfer companies, are easy for merchants to integrate with their existing POS and use, and also allow legitimate customers to enjoy a fast and secure money transfer experience.

To learn more, please refer to the overview of our money transfer solution:

Download: Money Transfer Made Easy PDF (871Kb)