Intuitive Interface

Ogloba’s Gift Card System Back Office is the state-of-the-art interface from which our clients’ staff monitor their entire Gift Card System. The Back Office is built with the latest Web AJAX technology to provide staff members with a friendly web user interface. The AJAX technology differs a lot from a traditional web page, and offers an easy, quick and fluid experience. Card program management is possible through a number of comprehensive modules.

Permission and Configuration Modules

The solution enables merchants, in conjunction with Ogloba, to configure a variety of settings to define the consumer experience and set wider management controls. The Role and Permission function is where the system administrator can create, precisely define, search and edit the different user roles that will be accessing to the Back Office. All functions are listed here so that the administrator is able to determine precisely the functions each user will be able to see and use, down to the buttons of each function (e.g. submit, approve, reject actions taken by different users). The level of access of each user is defined for every function. The platform offers a multilevel approach from countries, business units to areas.

Card Manufacture Module

In this module are located the functions to proceed to the physical manufacturing and printing of client gift cards. It is in this section that staff from our client, or Ogloba, can create, edit, send and query the card manufacturing orders to card vendors, place card manufacturing orders, generate gift card numbers, and upload to secure the FTP server at the vendor. The card vendor shall login to secure FTP to retrieve the card manufacture order. A summary report will be generated daily and uploaded to secure a FTP server so that the card vendor can double check if all card manufacture orders are received day by day. The module also includes a complete order approval process, the logistic and tracking, vendor’s orders reconciliation, and inventory management.

Customer Module

The B2B clients as well as the selling entities of merchants can be created and managed in this module with rates, volume discounts, yearly rebates, if any. All aspects of the contractual relation with the selling or redeeming entity are covered in this module.

Sales Order Module

In this module, all the sales functions are located. With these functions, clients can monitor all sales processes: sales order taking, with the “all inclusive” function, the order approval by the supervising body, the batch import, the payment input and approval. B2B returns and related credit notes, delivery notes and tracking invoices are included.

Report Module

A large range of reports is available for online queries. The output can be obtained in .cvs or .pdf format.