Be Informed

Ogloba knows that its clients need to keep informed about their gift card programs, so our platform provides opportunities for data to be reported as and when needed. The Ogloba Back Office system allows a range of reports for online queries to be available on demand, including sales, accounting, card redemption, and inventory queries. The output can be obtained in a .cvs or .pdf format.


Should a client require us to set up a TDW (Transaction Data Warehouse), they will also be able to receive an automatically predefined set of operational, management and financial reports. Licensed users will be able to access TDW remotely via a graphical user interface (GUI) to create and generate new ad hoc reports, reuse existing predefined and stored ad hoc reports, and configure automatic report generation and delivery according to their requirements, including reporting based on transaction source, card types, and so on. This will allow the creation (manual or automatic), and delivery, of standard and ad hoc reports, and their formatting and scheduling to be customized, in a user friendly way.