A Platform That Evolves

At Ogloba, we recognize that every business is different, and has requirements that can change over time. In order to satisfy the needs of our clients, Ogloba’s acquiring platform is highly scalable, and allows for the:

  • Addition of several real-time servers, thereby increasing the overall transaction processing performance.
  • Addition of multiple HSM (Hardware Security Module) devices to the existing array to boost cryptographic performance.
  • Upgrading of production servers at the data center in order to maximize the performance for query clients.
  • Multiplying production servers to reduce concurrent queries running on a single server.
  • Addition of multiple hard disk arrays to the storage system to increase both capacity and performance.
  • Addition of new tape libraries or upgrading to larger ones to efficiently protect a growing amount of data.
  • Implementation of server-less backup technology to offload the tape backup task from production servers.