The behavior and needs of customers are always changing, as technology and lifestyles evolve. Online retail is now approaching 10% of the total market, and this is set to continue rising. Meanwhile, customers are using their mobile devices to not only buy goods and services, but as reported by a recent survey, around 50% also like to receive information about promotions, sales and special offers via social media. Consumers are still frequenting traditional stores but nowadays many consumers get bored easily and desire omni-channel support and communication throughout their retail experience to stay engaged and loyal to a brand.

The way people perform transactions has also changed. In the gift voucher sector, paper gift certificates have largely been replaced by plastic cards. Gift cards remain popular gifts, with 60% of people stating they like to receive them. They offer many advantages over their predecessors and Ogloba will always make sure our clients get the most out of their card-based programs. Their popularity has been maintained in large part because, as customers are becoming more demanding, top bands and successful retailers are offering gift cards in a variety of innovative formats, to cater to their customers needs. A recent trend has been in eGifting and mGifting, which now account for over half of all gift cards bought. This is why Ogloba also provide solutions that take advantage of emerging, innovative channels so our clients can maximize their opportunities.