The Showrooming Phenomenon

Showrooming is an increasingly common practice whereby shoppers view or test products in-store, and then buy online because they can get a lower price. It is becoming an even greater threat to bricks-and-mortars retailers because of the rise in the use of mobile technology which, enables shoppers to price-check and decide whether or not to make a purchase while they are still browsing in the store. In-store shopping has many advantages, such as the ability to see and feel the products, the personal service and guidance afforded by human interaction, the ability of the customer to have the product immediately, and so on. Retailers can take advantage of this, but add another layer of customer engagement that helps bridge the gap between the physical environment of the store and the digital universe of the catalog.

The Ogloba Solution

Ogloba’s ROPO system offers an innovative solution, by providing in-store terminals that hold a detailed, searchable digital version of the retailer’s inventory of electronic and household appliances. Customers can browse it alone if they wish, but the system’s real strength is in the way it transforms the relationship between the salesperson and the customer. The ROPO system enables the sales representative to become more of a guide or advisor, by affording side-by-side rather than face-to-face interaction. Staff are better equipped to do this as the system enables up to date, detailed product information to be available quickly. The system also enables the sales representatives to offer the latest deals and offers on the products, and negotiate a deal that ensures the customer commits to making a purchase in-store, rather than looking for a better deal elsewhere.