What we do and how we do it

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Gift Card Programs

Ogloba provides, and processes for you, closed loop branded gift card solutions. Our expertise includes both new platform set-ups and conversions. Our platform aims to replace old-fashioned paper gift vouchers with electronic or mobile gift cards.

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eTop-Up and SIM activation

Ogloba gives clients a reliable, secure, user-friendly, and scalable pre-paid top-up platform. It can process millions of top-up transactions a day, and provides easy management of merchant cash, credit and commission.

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Intelligent Store

An intelligent store is about outstanding multi-channel customer experiences based on innovative, flexible and open digital technologies. Ogloba gives you the platform to start and maintain relevant and compelling conversations with your customers.

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Transportation and Money Transfer

Ogloba has interfaced the payment platforms used for public transport ticketing in Hong Kong and Dubai.

Ogloba has also developed a platform that greatly facilitates money transfers for pre- and non-registered customers.

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Understated excellence

Each of our solutions benefits from our expertise, in the areas listed below. Read, discover, and find out why Ogloba is trusted by so many companies around the world.


Gift card programs generate huge amounts of data. To keep you informed, the Ogloba Back Office platform allows comprehensive reports to be issued on-demand, giving to clients management and control they need.

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Back Office

Ogloba knows clients have different needs, so our Back Office card management system software is fully customizable. Clients can efficiently and securely control all aspects of their card programs from one user-friendly, modular interface. The hotline module provides support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year if you need it.

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We handle much of the data processing for our clients, so our solutions have been designed to be robust and secure. We use industry-leading fraud detection measures. Our innovative solutions are also scalable and flexible to meet our client’s individual needs. We also create mobile apps, helping merchants make the most of social media.

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Ogloba offers a broad range of services to ensure our solutions meet the high standards we set. We work with clients and suppliers to find the most efficient ways of manufacturing, handling and distributing cards. Our platform makes inventory management straightforward, and clients can specify their own cards. We also offer full support if a problem occurs.

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