Gift Card Solutions

Ogloba provides, and processes for you, closed loop branded gift card solutions. Our expertise includes both new platform set-ups and conversions. Our platform aims to replace old-fashioned paper gift vouchers with electronic or mobile gift cards. This includes the issuing of both B2C and B2B cards, as well as the acquiring of the online transactions coming from the integrated cash registers – let us describe it as a small ERP SAP-like system dedicated to your closed loop gift card program. The platform is as easy to use for you as it is for all participants in your organization, from CFO to marketing intern. You can easily and effectively manage your gift card program from a single dashboard, as well as design cards, manage your inventory and orders, and B2B invoices and payments. You can also produce reports and analyze the system’s data, giving you complete control.

Mobile Gifting

Are you ready to take advantage of the 21st century mobile market? Most people now use their smartphone to access the internet and use apps. This means that retailers can no longer just rely on their website, but must take advantage of the growing smartphone market to profit from this changing behavior. Our solutions allow you to create your own mobile transactions ecosystem. Ogloba provides the ability to instantaneously and easily send gifts to friends and family via Facebook, to their mobile phone, or by email. You will no longer hear from your sister, “Thanks for the gift card, but my birthday was yesterday”.

mGiftCard and Social Media Networks

Your bricks-and-mortar operation needs a profitable presence within social networks such as Facebook and RenRen. By sending cards to Facebook walls, your customers create constant awareness of, and generate a word-of-mouth buzz around, your products, brands or campaigns. Such social media marketing is much more than another superficial showcase for technology. Social networks and smartphones are now at the very core of people’s social lives, and our solution is a fantastic opportunity for you to promote your brand on the platforms people use to share and celebrate the happy events in their lives. This Ogloba innovation is undoubtedly a game changer in the gift card market.


Interface with aggregators

Ogloba’s flexible solutions can be configured so retailers can seamlessly integrate all of their current aggregator and e-commerce platforms with the Ogloba system, allowing for hassle-free transaction processing.



Airmiles bridge

Airlines can now interface their Airmiles platform with the Ogloba-managed gift card schemes of partner retailers in order to offer a broader range of rewards, ease the burden of FFP redemptions and improve customer satisfaction.




The Ogloba platform allows individual cards to hold multi-currency balances stored as either money or points. This means multi-national retailers can issue cards in one currency and redeem in another, making their gift card scheme more efficient to manage.




Card reloading keeps customers engaged with a brand, and offers a strong incentive for them to return. The Ogloba platform allows automatic reloads, making the process convenient for customers and encouraging them to be repeat visitors.



Loyalty bridge

Gift cards encourage loyalty, especially when they are part of an integrated loyalty scheme that rewards customers for their continued support. In turn, loyalty schemes provide an opportunity for targeted marketing.



Offline sales

Ogloba’s innovative semi-online platform circumvents bandwidth and network connection problems, as well as allowing off-line retailers and concessions to accept single-use gift cards as payment, for daily reconciliation.



Restricted loop cards

Restricted-loop cards are configured so they can be used across several retailers at one location, such as a shopping mall. They are an effective tool for encouraging repeat visits to the location by customers.




Coupons remain popular with consumers looking for good deals, but retailers can use them as an effective marketing tool by moving to digital, mobile coupons delivered to customers’ mobile devices.