Ogloba provides, and processes for you, a prepaid top-up platform that includes a web-based Back Office tool to manage your chain stores or your dealers and resellers accounts, and set multiple discount rates for the products in a defined catalog. The system allows you to automate the risk assessment in real time, as well as invoice, manage the accounts receivables and match the payments. All of this can be done through a network of asymmetric and unlimited merchant layers. A web service API makes integration with cash registers simple, and we deliver a webPOS, as well as software for the EFTPOS. The sales location sells electronic top-ups for predefined denominations or on-demand airtime, either by printing the ticket on a POS device, or delivering the PIN directly to the subscriber via SMS.

Volume Driven

Are you ready to take full advantage of 21st century technology? The Ogloba platform is designed to make maximum use of both vertical and horizontal scaling. One platform handles many millions of top-ups per week, with an unbeatable 150 ms online-transaction time, and processes a daily reconciliation of every POS with the central server. Large retail chains, as well as prepaid e-distributors, are using Ogloba eW, including the largest top-up operation in the Middle East.

Cash Collection

The cash collection and credit assignment system allow network management of prepaid cash deposits and credit terms for selling PIN codes, top-up credits or scratch cards. This is particularly effective in markets where wholesalers do not wish to grant credit risk, or want to limit their credit risk to a pre-determined amount. It is a fully integrated solution using all the platform’s functionalities, including managing different commission levels for merchants. Merchants receive their commissions immediately as a rebate on the purchased amount, making the process a fast and simple as possible.

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There is more to increasing SIM activations than quality service and good deals; the products must be visible to customers and convenient to acquire. Ogloba offers proven solutions that increase the sale and activation of SIM cards.



EVD Smartcard

As telecom operators face the challenge of falling revenues, they need to motivate their sales team to increase the number and quality of subscribers. Ogloba’s Smartcard solution offers flexible rewards that suit operators and their sales force.