What is an Intelligent Store?

An intelligent store is about outstanding customer experience based on enterprise agility and innovation power. Ogloba is the partner that gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to create Digital Miracles. By “Digital Miracles”, we mean those outstanding customer experiences that differentiate you from your competitors. You have to be remarkable, and you must create the space for marketing greatness. Today, that means more than just dressing up your content in a fancy outfit. You need to be compelling and relevant, and that means more than just personalizing your web content. It means having the power to start a conversation, and keep that conversation relevant across every consumer experience. All this does not come in a ready-made package which is why we believe that innovative, flexible and open technologies are a crucial foundation for agile eBusiness and marketing.

Content Power

Increase your editorial velocity with content-centric management. Reuse content across multiple sites, free your content and share it with the world.

Relevant Experiences

Increase engagement and conversion through relevant content to a diverse and international audience, with easy to use, yet powerful tools.

Channel Control

Broaden your reach with harmonized multi-channel experiences. Accelerate your channels through true content re-purposing.


Get zero tolerance for digital failure. Ogloba develops for uptime, security and performance, providing total innovation power on one rock-solid architecture.

Rapid Development

There is no-limits development on our platform. Deliver new functionality faster with our development framework and 100% Java.

Open Integration

Bring your eBusiness ecosystem together for better experiences. Full integration control thanks to open standards and open APIs.


ROPO – A Retail Revolution is Occurring

Retail is undergoing a revolution, as merchants try to meet the demands of today’s expert consumers and the challenge from online commerce. Ogloba provides the innovative ROPO solution to improve customer service and increase the professionality of sales advisors, and enhance the in-store shopping experience.



Design (UIUX)

The front-end user interface (UI) of the ROPO platform has been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, so customers can access all the information and features they need to research and purchase products with minimal assistance.



Content management (CMS)

In order to make the creation and management of digital content straightforward for the different departments within a retail organization, the back-end user interface (UI) of Ogloba’s ROPO platform has been designed to be simple and intuitive.



Kiosks and Tablets

Ogloba’s innovative ROPO solution can be integrated into a retailer’s existing IT systems, and is scalable to suit any size organization. It is available as kiosks or portable tablet devices, and can be used by both customers and sales staff to support the buying process.



War against showrooming

Showrooming is a practice where shoppers view or test products in-store, and then buy online at a lower price. Ogloba’s ROPO solution combats this by offering the advantages of online shopping while enhancing the benefits of shopping in-store.



ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline)

Not all customers who research products online also purchase them online. Ogloba’s ROPO system allows the research and buying stages of the acquisition process to be carried out in one place – the retailer’s store – increasing the chances of the customer making a purchase in that store.