Software modules

We know that different clients have different needs. Ogloba’s Back Office card management system software is customizable, and allows clients to control all aspects of their card programs from one interface. The software categorizes the many functions into logical modules, making the platform user-friendly and intuitive.

The permission module allows clients to assign difference user roles to each individual within their organization, right down to their specific tasks; the product module allows clients to design their cards, assigning values, expiration dates, number of cards manufactured, among many other essential functions. The programme management modules include functions such as manufacturing (ordering) cards, managing customer accounts, managing sales orders, and producing reports on any aspect of the card program. In short, the Back Office offers the functionality and flexibility need to managed their gift card systems efficiently and securely.


The hotline module allows our out-sourced customer service representatives to query a card status or transactions, replace, refund or reload a card, according to the terms defined by our client. It can provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The module can be set up to allow card-holders access to an online portal where they can register and query such information as card balances and transaction history. Ogloba clients can access this customer data to be used for example, for tailoring marketing to specific customers.



The Back Office hotline module allows our customer service representatives to answer card queries, and assist with technical and operational enquiries from retailers. The online system also allows queries from card holders.



Program management modules

Ogloba’s Gift Card System Back Office is the state-of-the-art, but user-friendly interface, from which our clients’ staff monitor their entire Gift Card System. Complete gift card program management is possible through a number of comprehensive modules.



Product modules

The product modules allow the clients to design and configure their gift cards so they to match their particular needs. The module also allows stock levels of cards to be monitored and managed.



Permission modules

The permission modules allow clients to configure who, within their organization, can access and use which functions on the Back Office platform. This not only simplifies the functionality for users, but restricts access and increases data security.