Technical innovation and reliability

Our solutions have been designed with reliability being of paramount importance, because we know it is essential for our clients to have constant up-time. Even in the unlikely event of a problem, the system architecture still allows on-going data processing, and rapid recovery.

Ogloba is organized to handle the bulk of data processing for our clients, although shared data access can be agreed between the two parties. We can establish and maintain a Transaction Data Warehouse (TDW) to process and store data that clients’ need to be able to produce financial and management reports. All of this data is valuable, and Ogloba’s solutions are designed to be secure. We also use industry-leading fraud detection techniques, so our clients can be sure that all transactions are genuine and that all data are secure.

While much of what we do to help our clients happens out of sight, we also provide technology solutions that provide a direct channel of communication between our clients and their customers. We have the expertise to create mobile apps for merchants, helping retailers to make the most of emerging eBusiness trends, take advantage of social media, and stay ahead of competitors.

Our solutions are scalable, and are flexible enough to evolve as the needs of your business change and new technologies emerge.

While we create innovative solutions, and use the most up to date technology, we also make sure that converting your current systems and migrating the data to our network is as simple and hassle-free as possible.


Adaptable hosted platform

The decision to start a gift card or eTop-up program is a big step. One of the first major considerations is the platform should be used to implement it. Ogloba offer adaptable solutions that allow clients and partners to focus on their core business, not their IT systems.



Conversion and migration

Ogloba has designed several turnkey solutions that allow retailers to move their existing gift and loyalty card programs, active card balances, and existing card inventory to the Ogloba platform, reliably and securely.



Mobile apps for merchants

A strong, mobile web-presence is essential for retailers, and a dedicated mobile app is the natural progression from a website. Ogloba is an expert in creating simple, usable apps that can leverage social media, as well as offer extended the functionalities over a standard website.




Ogloba’s extensive experience has shown us that all retailers have different requirements and that these change over time. Our solutions are designed to be scalable so they evolve and grow along with the client.



Fraud detection

Ogloba’s Fraud Detection Solution is based on an industry-leading product which provides a highly functional and user-friendly fraud defense system. Transaction data is monitored in real time to ensure potential fraud is detected and reported.



System architecture and processing

Ogloba’s solutions are based on in-house products designed to be as stable as possible. Multiple processing centers manage the encrypted transaction data to ensure network reliablity and data security.