Gift card logistics

While Ogloba are predominantly an innovative technology solutions provider, we offer a broad range of services to ensure all aspects of the solution meet the high standards we set.

The logistical challenges of national or international gift card programs can be difficult to overcome, but Ogloba has the experience to offer the advice and practical assistance our clients need. We work with clients and suppliers to find the most time and cost efficient ways of manufacturing, handling and distributing cards. For security purposes, consignments are shipped in small batches, in securely sealed packages. Consignments can also be tracked from the time they leave the factory.

We ensure that gift cards can be purchased and delivered as and when needed. Real-time inventory control allows the number of cards in circulation, in use, and remaining in stock, to be monitored, and new batches to be manufactured and shipped when needed. Orders are managed in such a way that mistakes in manufacturing are eliminated.

In addition, our gift card services include helping our clients to design, specify, test and manufacture gift cards so they exactly meet individual requirements.

Support services

At Ogloba, we try to make sure problems do not occur but, in the highly unlikely event of something untoward happening, our data support services are available 24/7 to ensure the continuous high-quality performance of our platform. Our support teams are also constantly trying to improve our platform, and develop further innovative solutions, so we can continue to offer the best service to our valued clients.


Gift card printing

To ease the process of starting a gift card program, Ogloba can not only provide, install and manage the hardware and software platforms required, but offer expert advice via support services covering the acquisition, distribution and merchandising of gift cards.



Custom design

Gift cards are abundant, so retailers need to make their’s stand out from the rest. Ogloba offers a unique gift card service that allows merchants to design cards and accompanying merchandising material for both physical and digital programs.



Data center support

Ogloba’s data centers are supported by two main teams, whose responsibilities are to ensure the ongoing, high-quality performance and development of Ogloba’s transaction processing platforms. They support, monitor and troubleshoot all aspects of the system 24/7.