Our Team

Ogloba Ltd. are a global team, with offices all around the world. We are dedicated to supporting current and future clients. If you would like more information about our services, please feel free to contact the representative for your region, and they will be happy to assist you.

Nikos Issaiadis

EVP, CEMEA (Central Europe, Middle East, Africa)

Nikos is a co-founder and current Executive Vice President of Ogloba. Following several leading positions in International Business Development he looks back on more than 20 years in the prepaid industry. With a focus on developing and promoting processing solutions for customers around the globe, he represents Ogloba in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and deals with client acquisition in telecom and retail distribution.

Please contact Nikos to discuss how your organization can benefit from Ogloba’s solutions and services.

Johnson Chang

Chief Technology Officer

Johnson has over 20 years’ experience integrating and leading teams in the technical field. He joined Ogloba in 2009 and took the lead on building the development team, infrastructure team, automation test team, and technical support team, to deliver the best solutions and services to Ogloba’s worldwide customers.

Please contact Johnson to discuss how Ogloba’s robust technical solution can benefit your business.


Maria Andrea Piraban R.

VP Business Development LATAM

Maria has 18 years experience in marketing, advertising and business development in technology, healthcare and education companies. Previously, she worked as Marketing Director promoting e-learning platforms for Edtech companies in South America. She represents Ogloba in Latin America, and she is responsible for driving business development across the region.

Please contact Maria to discuss how Ogloba can benefit your business.

Tommder Creach Legrand

VP Sales South-East Asia

Tommder has over 10 years’ experience in marketing, business development, and project management in the Fintech industry. Using deep technical expertise and extensive experience in Fintech projects, he represents Ogloba in South-East Asia, and is responsible for driving business development across the region.

Please contact Tommder to discuss how Ogloba can benefit your business.