Turnkey Technology

Retailers and merchants can benefit greatly if they can facilitate B2B gift card sales and redemptions. Ogloba has developed a breakthrough technology that can manage and support any B2B program, from the issuing of the cards to the acquiring of the transactions. Unlimited numbers of B2B account and cards suppliers can be created with a self-service online platform. Our powerful campaign management solution supports flexible PAN/Serial Number management, open value cards, reloadable and multiple redemptions cards, virtual gift cards and mobile gift cards with audio, photo and video messages. The B2B solution centralizes the procurement of cards from multiple vendors, the reconciliation of supplier invoices, the inventory management in multiple locations, the management of B2B contracts, the pricing (including volume discount and yearly rebates), the order taking with approval layers, and the tracking of invoices and payments.

Ogloba gives merchants a variety of turnkey program management options such as order budgeting with discounts, immediate or scheduled partial delivery, and a tracking system with deferred unlocking of the cards. The integration with legacy systems like SAP is seamless. All functions menus are customized to be accessible by anyone in the organization from the CFO to the intern, via a web browser. Monitoring is in real time and reports are generated on demand.

To gain a more thorough insight into the benefits of B2B gift card programs, please read our detailed overview:

Download: B2B Overview PDF (124Kb)