Regional Sensitivity

icon-13Ogloba’s experience shows us that retail cultures differ across the world so, our solutions are designed and developed to be as flexible as possible. In Saudi Arabia for example, the prepaid product distribution network is 100% cash oriented, from master distributor to the end consumer. Sub-distributors and merchants pay cash to receive a sales limit from the operator and, based on this limit, they can sell products. For e-Vouchers, the physical distribution may have disappeared but the cash collection is still physical.

Ogloba, the experienced and expert team that originally designed the Ingevoucher solution, has developed a unique system for credit management, order taking and cash collection. In the predominately cash-driven market of Saudi Arabia, the operator needs dynamic allocation of credit, collection of cash at remote locations and urgent stocking of products. This is what the Ogloba system is designed to do, and it enables clients to operate a very efficient Electronic Cash Collection system.

How It Works

The Ogloba system features an order-taking and payment collection application, called 3C, which runs on the handheld POS terminals of the salesmen. Salesmen collect the cash of the operator in the market and this is one of the key elements that need to be managed and controlled. Each salesman carries a handheld device to record orders and payments at the merchants. This handheld device connects online to the BackOffice servers and records all activity. Through this handheld device the salesman increases the merchants balance after he recorded a payment from the merchant. The salesman must deposit the collected cash (depending on his limit) to the operator’s cashier (branch) or bank account (ATM).

As highlighted earlier, the management of the payment collection (mostly cash) is a critical component of a successful merchant network. With the 3C, the operator can manage his salesmen with a risk limit (regarding the amount of cash they can collect before having to deposit it at the cashier) and monitor all orders taken, in real time. Through the GPRS connection of the POS, the 3C is connected online to the BackOffice to record orders taken by the salesman for each merchant visited, as well as to record every payment collected.