Flexible Hardware Solutions

The same Ogloba platform manages EFTPOS terminals, ECR cash registers, PCs, vending machines and peer to peer handsets. This is the key advantage of the Ogloba system; it is flexible and will provide the right infrastructure for the right retail format.

POS Terminals

The Ogloba solution has been interfaced with the Tier 1 EFTPOS brands worldwide. The latest products can connect to the appropriate servers, and POS software in many languages is available for such POS terminals. Considering the market share of Ingenico, VeriFone and PAX, this puts Ogloba in a unique position to access more than 60% of the world EFTPOS installed base, generating extra revenues from existing POS, and extending the facilities to new territories.

We recommend the deployment of a dedicated Ogloba POS solution which will have the application connected to the Ogloba system and benefit from all the system capabilities as described later.

PC Solution – Web Shop

The Ogloba webPOS solution is an independent web shop for ordering, and paying for, eVouchers and SIMcards.

This module can be used for end-users, as well as for merchants who want to pay money in order to increase their sales limit or balance. There is no need to install software or applets on the PC terminal. The system uses the local web browser of the PC. The merchant will connect to the website and login to order eVouchers or SIM cards. It should be noted that the PC solution can also be used for other activities in the distribution network i.e. requests for stock, recharging credit etc.

The Ogloba host delivers an activation code to the PC terminal. The transaction is secured and SSH certificates are provided for each PC. IP addresses are also authenticated (if permanent).

The PC terminal prints the e-Voucher with the activation code and activation instructions for the end user. Additional details such as voucher serial number, optional logos and bar codes plus terminal-specific information such as terminal ID, cashier ID and retailer information, are also printed. Ogloba operates both PIN-less (DTU) and eVoucher based solutions.

Cash Registers (ECR) & Pin Pads

Ogloba has undertaken many successful ECR integration projects with the major retailers in the world. To meet the requirements of ECR integration, Ogloba has a skilled technical team dedicated to providing a tailored solution for retailers. In forming a close working partnership between Ogloba, the retailer and ECR provider, we are one of few companies capable of delivering a streamlined package of integration implementation and service support.

Our aim is to provide a seamless integration of the Ogloba solution within the retailer’s existing cash register software. In some cases, we use dynamic libraries such as DLL, ActiveX, OCX to trigger the top-up functionalities. For more recent environments we provide a web service interface. The solution is available for the various configurations using a VPN connection and an SSH encryption layer.

Smartphone – Mobile Apps and Peer-to-Peer

With the Ogloba app for smartphones, merchants (street salesmen) can sell eVouchers and collect cash from the end-user. The merchant is managed with a prepaid balance by the operator and can sell as long as he has a positive credit balance. Such Apps can also be made available to end-users who want to pay by credit card and receive their eVoucher delivered to the app.

Mass Printers

Mass-printing is very popular amongst sub-distributors in the Middle-East, as it enables them to visit workcamps several times per day and distribute paper vouchers through a network of local trustees. Ogloba provides user-friendly client software for the middlemen to manage their orders, batch printing and collection in a reliable way.

The mass-printing agent places orders on a Web shop provided by Ogloba and arranges payment to the operator. The inventory is assigned to the mass-printing agent and he can manage his inventory/orders via an App we provide for his computer. Printing is done on fast and reliable Epson thermal ticket printers.

Vending Machines and ATM

Based on sound experience, Ogloba can also interface vending machines and ATMs if requested. There are several ATM and vending machine providers, and detailed specifications for each type.  A vending machine is interfaced with the Ogloba Front Server and remotely operated like a POS. It manages coins, bank notes and change return, and generates a sales receipt even for cash payment. It can be fixed to a wall, embedded into a wall, built into a customised design column or fixed on an anchorplate, depending on the specific requirements of the client.