The changing telecom landscape

As the telecom landscape changes, mobile operators are finding themselves under pressure to increase the number of subscribers to their services, and encourage existing subscribers to “top-up” and buy airtime more often, in order to maintain their profit margins.

The most effective way to do this, is to have a hard-working and motivated sales force and network of merchants in the field, meeting customers and using their sales skills to encourage sign-ups and top-ups. This is especially true of operators who are new to the market place, as they need to get their products to as many customers as possible, in the shortest possible time.

In order to motivate the sales force, they must be incent in a way that appeals to them, but at the same time the incentives must also appeal to the operators. While there is no disagreement that the sales team and merchants should be amply rewarded for their hard work, the sales team want to be paid in cash, but the operators prefer to offer bonus airtime. The Ogloba solution allows for either, or both scenarios to operate.

Incentives: the Ogloba way

Ogloba are now offering a cutting-edge way of incenting salesmen and merchants for the acquisition of new clients and top-up bonuses – an EVD Smartcard. The Smartcard is more flexible for operators, sales teams and merchants. In addition to cash commission, salesmen have the option to receive “airtime” that they can sell to any merchant, or directly to customers.

This smartcard is an integral part of the Ogloba EVD solution, and be easily integrated into existing installations of the Ogloba platform, or included in any new installations. The innovative Smartcard enables mobile operators to have a more flexible approach to paying bonuses and incentives, allowing them to:

1. pay commission and SIM activation bonuses with airtime, but
2. allow beneficiaries to collect the amount in cash if they want
3. incent people in the field who make the difference when it comes to acquiring new subscribers
4. control and/or reduce their SAC (subscriber acquisition cost) by partial disintermediation

Ogloba’s EVD Smartcard solution is a killer advantage for any launching MVNO or MNO, enabling them to give incentives not only to their own sales force, but also to their resellers’ salesmen and “hot spots”.

To read more about the innovative Ogloba EVD Smartcard solution and how it can benefit your business, read our detailed overview:

Download: EVD Smartcard PDF (1.8Mb)