A Comprehensive Service

To fully support our partners, Ogloba consultants work with clients to develop an implementation plan for any eTop-Up and e-recharge strategy. Consultants will come on site to discuss various aspects of the plan. Ogloba carry out extensive research, and then advise on such areas as the product mix, system roll-out in vendors and identified key retailers, salesperson force, and organization, to ensure all of our clients are provided with the platform they need.

After the consultation period, Ogloba present a Statement of Work which gives full details of the project, procurement of devices, customization (if any), training schedule, and so on, to make sure our clients are fully informed of the work we have done, and the work that will be done. This means we can discuss and address any questions or issues that may arise. It is also recommended that distributors and merchants are also involved in the process since implementation can lead to changes in organization, distribution, and so on. This is a designed to make the process as rigorous and open as possible, ensuring we satisfy every need of our clients.