mPOS Overview

The mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) smartphone application is intended to facilitate the sale and distribution of mobile top-ups, without the need for access to a POS terminal. Using a mobile app allows for more flexibility and convenience when making sales in the field. The app allows Merchants to sell, and distribute, top-ups to customers via SMS, log transactions, and keep track of their credit limits and outstanding invoices.

The app is designed to be intuitive and provide a logical workflow for all users. Functions require only a small number of “clicks” for each task to be carried out. The following outlines the features and functions that can be accessed through the mPOS app.

Features and Benefits

The mPOS application has a logical workflow, allowing the functions necessary for day-to-day business to be undertaken via a small number of screens, menus, and button-clicks.

  • Product lists: The product lists are a catalogue of top-up products from which the merchant can select the products they want to sell. The catalogue can be updated from the application, to ensure the user is selling the latest products.
  • Sale of PIN: Products, usually mobile phone top-ups activated with or without a PIN number, can be sold and sent to the customer by SMS.
  • Transaction history: The transactions history can be monitored in real time and previous transactions for a defined period can be viewed, making account management simple.
  • Balance and status: The mPOS app. allows salesman to review their current credit or debit balance, and overdue payment amount. Users can also add credit to their account. This information is presented in real-time making account management more efficient.
  • Claims: Salesman can also claim products directly from the app, facilitating the commission process.
  • GPS logging: The Back Office has GPS logging, so when the merchant logs in to the mPOS application, their location is logged.
  • Security: The mPOS application is designed with security as a priority. Users must log-in using their unique ID credentials before they begin a new session.

In markets where merchants and salesmen do not operate from fixed locations, and therefore do not have access to a POS terminal, alternative solutions are needed. While handheld POS offer one possibility, these are not particularly user-friendly due to their keypad and menu interfaces, and limited functionality. In addition, feature development is difficult, and the POS themselves are expensive. By using a smartphone as a mobile POS, users can enjoy better connectivity, faster processing, and a more intuitive way of interacting with the device. Ogloba’s innovative mPOS smartphone application, is the all-in-one solution.