The MySIM Solution

Mobile communications is a highly competitive marketplace, with providers needing to find innovative ways of attracting and keeping customers. One way of doing this is to make the SIM card buying and activation process as fast and convenient as possible. Ogloba’s MySIM solution achieves this by offering a 24/7 self-service vending machine or kiosk, located in the provider’s own store, partner’s sales outlet, or in busy public areas such as airports. The kiosks facilitate all processes required to purchase, register, and activate a new SIM card.

MySIM kiosks provide a greater opportunity for customer acquisition. For example, customers cannot buy a provider’s SIM cards if the store in the airport is not open when they land at 10.00pm. However, the kiosks are always “open”. In addition, because the kiosks are designed for self-service operation by the customer, they do not need to be staffed. This not only reduces overheads but also means that when used in-store, the sales team can focus on selling “value added” services and products, rather than processing KYC documentation.

In many countries, strict KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations mean that SIM cards can only be sold if a valid ID is provided. The MySIM vending machine allows the required document, usually a passport or ID card, to be scanned and verified quickly. There is also the possibility to include fingerprint verification for even more thorough KYC checking.

Payment is also facilitated, via cash or credit card. Once KYC and payment have been confirmed, the SIM card is dispensed from the machine, and can be activated straight away, providing a fast and convenient experience for the user.

The hardware and software can be configured to meet the requirements of the operator, and once set up, communicates with their Customer Relationship Management and billing systems for streamlined integration.