The security of our client’s data is of paramount importance to Ogloba. Therefore, we have in place, documented risk management, information security, incident management, and data environment policies, standards and procedures to try and prevent incidents happening in the first place. In the unlikely event that a security incident does take place, we have a formal recovery procedure. This ensures that clients and partners are minimally affected, we can find a solution to the problem in a timely fashion, and prevent similar incidents occurring in the future.

We have implemented a fully documented, formal reporting and complaints procedure that ensures any issues are dealt with as quickly, and transparently as possible. In addition, we ensure the integrity of Ogloba by maintaining a clearly defined organizational structure, and adhering to a strict, auditable recruitment procedure. We ensure that our business practices, and the conduct of our employees, are ethical. We never take the trust of our clients and partners for granted – we work hard to earn it.

Please refer to our Risk Maturity Assessment Guide for further insight into our risk management and recovery processes:

Download: Risk Maturity Assessment Guide PDF (273Kb)