Geographic Considerations

Ogloba’s innovative solutions allow clients to comply with, and operate under, varying regional regulations. For example, the CITC (Communications and Information Technology Commission) in Saudi Arabia has enforced a very strict Know Your Customer (KYC) process, with activation requirements that are unmatched in Europe and the Middle East. Ogloba has developed a KYC solution which it has sold to Western Union and MoneyGram. This KYC solution is embedded into the Ogloba platform and complies with the Saudi regulations.

SIM activation

When a card is activated by a merchant, the cashier needs to register the personal credentials of the new customer in a specific database. In order to speed up the distribution of SIM cards, Ogloba has developed a back office function to support the enrolment of new consumers by a merchant. The solution can interact with the point of sale in three ways:

  • The merchant will use a Smartphone app which has a very user-friendly and intuitive menu. The merchant is asked to scan the MSISDN on the back of the SIM pack, then take a picture of the IQAMA (identity) card of the consumer they have in front of them. An optional function requests the merchant to take a photo of the consumer.
  • These data are automatically transferred to a hotliner who fulfils the registration by entering the data into the system.

Another way would be to read the IQAMA. Should the client or operator obtain the specifications of the IQAMA card, and the authorisation to read the IQAMA chip, Ogloba will enable the POS’s chip reader to collect the data of the IQAMA card and send it to the back end. The solution is implemented by Ogloba for Western Union and MoneyGram in Europe. It reduces the hotline resources needs. It would also make the KYC easier, faster and more reliable.

Increased Security

For an even more secure approach, Ogloba recommend clients to rollout finger-print enabled POS in all the merchant locations where it sells SIM cards.

Using a secure activation technology offers another advantage: merchants can display inactive SIM off-the-shelves. The operator can securely display inactive SIM cards in the merchant stores. It is clearly the case that if merchandise is not displayed, sales will not be successful. On the other hand, the Ogloba process secures the inventory from being stolen and used. In case SIM cards are stolen, they are useless since they are not, and cannot be, unlocked.