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As telecom operators struggle to maintain their profit margins, it is essential for them to use as many methods as possible to increase the number of subscribers to their services. One worthwhile approach is ensuring that the telecom products, especially SIM cards, are offered for sale in convenient, high-visibility locations. While hypermarkets have large number of potential customers passing through, they are often focused only on shopping for groceries.

Location, location, location

By placing SIM cards close to the checkout or till however, telecom operators can tap into customers’ tendency to “impulse buy” products as they wait to be served. Confectionery is often seen in these areas, but this sales approach is proven to work for SIM cards too. Offering “off the shelf” SIM cards fits the ethos of hypermarket shopping, where products are simply taken from the display, put in the shopping cart, paid for at the till, and then become available for use or consumption. Simple, “no-fuss” SIM card deals perfectly fit this retail model, and are ideal for the hypermarket environment. In France, Carrefour has reported a 700% rise in SIM card activations after they began offering them for sale near the tills.

Simplifying the SIM card process

SIM cards are placed on display at the checkout, packed in attractive cardboards, unlocked by the cashier, and activated at the after-sales desk. The retailer receives top-up bonuses as the customer recharges over time. The bonus is paid with airtime, as the same platform fulfils the SIM activation and the recharges. The process is automated: debit and credits, invoices and payments, top-up bonus calculation, mapping of the related accounts, making every stage of the process simple and convenient.

The benefits of the SIM@Checkout solution have only been touched upon in this summary. For more information about how Ogloba can help your telecom operations grow, please read our detailed overview:

Download: SIM@Checkout White Paper PDF (348Kb)